Opening time:Sunday - Friday: 08 AM - 06 PM

Find us:Sangam Chowk, Naya Baneshwor, Kathmandu-34

Facilities Provided By Our College

With a sense of deep regard for improving health status and quality of life of the people at large, the college has given priority in producing competent public health graduates and we trust that these graduates will have ample opportunity to carve their careers, as per ever increasing global demand. Working actively with the goal of producing highly qualified human resources in the field of public health, by providing opportunity to learn and act for mastering methods and transmitting cognitive cartography.

Special Features

  1. Well qualified and experienced Faculty Members.
  2. Library with e-resources
  3. Well equipped labs (Computer, B Pharm, BPH)with experienced instructors.
  4. Class rooms equipped with audio visual teaching aids.
  5. Stand by Generator for back up electric supply during load shedding.
  6. College location connected with convenient valley public transportation system.
  7. Pleasant physical environment i.e. sunny and airy.
  8. Students’ enrolment full as per quota in all previous 4 batches
  9. Many Girls and Boys Hostels located around the college.
  10. Academic merit achievement by students of previous batches (Batch-2009-2012).


The College cafeteria opens from 7am to 4pm. It serves hygienic meals and snacks to students and staff at reasonable price.

The College organizes various sport activities/events in collaboration with students. Every year sport week is organized which include in-door and out-door sports events and cultural programs.

Since the beginning, the college is providing full academic scholarship to students as per government rules and regulation. At present the college is providing scholarship to 10% of the enrolled students based on the nomination by the Ministry of Education / Pokhara University.
In addition, the college provides a cash prize of Rs. 15,000.00 (divisible if equal scores) to students securing the highest score in the university examination in each semester for both programs.

The college has well stocked and ever growing library. It provides updated and latest edition of books, journals, reports and e-booking/journals. The library primarily focuses on the resources based on criteria/requirements set by the university and councils. At present, it has more than 3000 books and journals.

The college has well equipped computer lab with well stocked e-resources. An online service is available to students for easy access to lecture notes, information and academic activities/schedules.
The college has ell equipped and spacious laboratories:

  • Pharmacognosy Lab
  • Microbiology Lab
  • Biochemistry Lab
  • Pharmaceutics Lab
  • General Chemistry Lab
  • Industrial Lab
  • Pharmacology Lab
  • Instrumental Lab
  • Public Health Lab
  • Anatomy, Physiology and First Aid Lab
  • Nutrition Lab
  • Environmental Lab
  • Health Education and Communication Lab