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Public health is “The science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health and efficiency …” -WHO Expert Committee (1952).
Human health is affected by multiple factors such as environment, life style, economic status, education, heredity, availability and accessibility of health services etc., recognized as determinants of health. This is through the application of public health policies and strategies that it is possible to prevent disease, reduce morbidity and mortality, promote health and prolong life span. All around the world, greater emphasis is being given on disease prevention and health promotion as a means of improving health of population and this has created a broad array of opportunities for public health. Career opportunities for public health professionals are available internationally, both in public and private sectors as well as research institutions.
With a sense of deep regard for improving health status and quality of life of the people at large, the college has given priority in producing competent public health graduates and we trust that these graduates will have ample opportunity to carve their careers, as per ever increasing global demand.

Ciricular Structure and Course Cycle
The distribution of courses, semester-wise, follows a sequential ordder. In the begining courses on basic health science and public health sciences are offered and fallowed by public health methodological course and public health interventional courses in the middle part of the program. Lastly, courses on public health service management fallowed by practicum and research dissertation preparation are offered. The semester-wise course offering is listed below:

Semister I

Course CodeSubject (Theory)Credit HoursCourse CodeSubject
Credit HoursTotal Credit
PHS 111Introduction to Public Health-I33
BHS 111Anatomy and Physiology 3PHA 111Anatomy and Physiology Lab14
BHS 112BioChemistry 3PHA 112Biochemistry Lab 14
BHS 113Microbiology and Immunology3PHA 113 Microbiology and Immunology Lab14
PHA 121Professional English 3PHA 114Professional English Practical14
Total 15419

Semester II

Course CodeSubject (Theory)Credit HoursCourse CodeSubject
Credit HoursTotal Credit
BHS 151Environmental Sciences3PHA 151 Environmental Sciences Lab14
BHS 152First Aid 3PHA 152 First Aid Lab14
BHS 153Nutritional Science3PHA 153 Nutritional Science Lab 14
BHS 154Parasitology and Entomology3PHA 154 Parasitology and Entomology Lab14
BHS 155Pharmecy, Pharmacology and Toxicology3PHA 155 Pharmecy, Pharmacology and Toxicology Lab14
Total 15520

Semester III

Course CodeSubject (Theory)Credit HoursCourse CodeSubject
Credit HoursTotal Credit
PHS 211Communication Diseases3 3
PHS 212Environmental Health3 3
PHS 213Non-Communicable Diseases3 3
PHS 214 Public Health Nutrition 33
PHS 215Reproductive Health and Demography3 3
PHA 211Integrated Concurrent Field Practice 155
Total 15520