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Pharmacy is a rewarding and noble medical profession. Pharmacists keep an in-depth knowledge of chemistry of drugs and how they react in humans and also how drugs interact with each other. Pharmacists are involved from the starting point of drug production to its end point of consumption by the patients. In Nepal, qualified pharmacists need to be involved in processes of production, quality control, inspection, storage/supply and dispensing of drugs in hospital setting and community pharmacy outlets. Against the backdrop delineated above, it is obvious that there has never been a more exciting time to study pharmacy and the demand for pharmacists is strong both at home and abroad. Therefore, for someone, to pursue pharmacy as a career path is an opportune time. Realizing these facts the CIST aims and is committed to produce the pharmacists of high quality and competence, capable of getting themselves absorbed anywhere in the global market.

Semister VII

Course CodeSubject (Theory)Credit HourCourse CodeSubject (Lab/Practical)Credit HoursTotal Credit
PHM 411Human Resource For Health Development 33
PHM 412Health Finance and Health Economics Including Entrepreneurship33
PHM 413Health Monitoring and Evaluation33
PHM 414Health System Managment in Nepali-II33
PHA 411Residental Field Practice (Comprehensive District Health Managment)66